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We provide our clients with a strategic plan in terms of environmental sustainability. From soft integration plans to full on project development, our solutions are designed to support and adhere to a range of rules and regulations in relation to the environment.

Our aim as a company is that of providing you with expert assessment and qualitative advisory solutions related to issues pertaining to environmental concerns. We play an integral role in the minimisation of detrimental impacts on the planet.

Through our services you can get a comprehensive assessment process that will measure the environmental contamination that your premises impose on the environment. When this first stage is done, we will follow our assessment with the implementation of efficient systems. New systems that will have less impact on the environment, and make your premises more ecologically friendly and energy saving.

The benefits of environmental consultancy

Environmental Targets

Our advanced systems provide you with the right methodologies to achieve your waste targets.

Waste Storage

Our environmental solutions offer our customers various solutions for waste disposal including waste to energy pyrolysis and fractional distillation.


All of our activities are in compliance with local regulations and EU directives.